Dee’s Journey with Infertility

My journey to motherhood did not come easy, but I am blessed to have found Mowery Women’s Clinic to help our family expand.

I saw six different doctors in an effort to become pregnant, and each of them told me I had unexplained infertility. A friend told me about Dr. Ablard at Mowery Women’s Clinic.  I contacted Mowery Women’s Clinic in January of 2013, and at that moment I knew things were going to be different this time around. Once I met Dr. Ablard I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. She was different than any other doctor I had seen. She took her time with us, showed us compassion, and shared her knowledge to aid us in our journey to becoming parents. I didn’t have crazy amounts of tests and labs done like I had in the past. Each month there were ups and downs, but we kept pushing forward. By September 2013 we were pregnant with our miracle daughter, Byntlee.  (Who is now 6 years old, and every bit of a beautiful miracle.) Several years later, in January of 2017 we were ready to add another child to our family, so we contacted Dr. Ablard.  Once again, she used all the same components of compassion, knowledge, and time. By that October we were pregnant with our son, Kessler. I’ve been patient at Mowery Women’s Clinic for over eight years, and I have referred many women to Dr. Ablard. Many of those women are seeking the same thing I was, Motherhood. I drive over 60 miles from my home to Mowery Women’s Clinic, and 100 times over I would recommend Dr. Ablard and Mowery Women’s Clinic. You will not find more compassion and better care anywhere else!

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